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Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington releases 2013 crime statistics for the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office which shows a slight decrease in crime last year.

There were a total of 898 major crimes in Bossier Parish in 2013, down just a bit from the 915 crimes in 2012.

Property crimes saw a decrease of 40 cases in 2013, down from 565 in 2012 to 525 in 2013, largely due to a significant decline in the number of residential and business burglaries. Residential and business burglaries went down by half, from 59 cases to 30 cases and 11 to 6 cases, respectively. Vehicle burglaries, theft, motor vehicle thefts and arson cases remained about the same from 2012 to 2013.

The number of domestic abuse battery cases rose from 82 in 2012 to 143 in 2013, which resulted in an increase in crimes against people in 2013, which saw 308 cases in 2013, up from 277 in 2012.  There was on homicide in Bossier Parish in 2013, the case in which Robert Bond is charged with murdering his wife, Annie Bond, in November.  Detectives with the Bossier Sheriff's Office worked no rape cases and only one robbery in 2013.  Assaults decreased slightly.

“Our entire team at the Bossier Sheriff’s Office works tirelessly to prevent, fight and solve crimes here in Bossier Parish,” said Sheriff Whittington. “Our partnerships with other law enforcement agencies and the commitment we have with our Neighborhood Watch partners help keep crime rates low here in Bossier Parish.”