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Missing Persons

Clinton Devon Nelson
Status: Active
Missing since 9/1/2006
DOB: 8/9/1985
6 feet 1 inches tall
Blond hair
Blue eyes
Gregory A. Vice Jr.
Status: Active
Missing since 3/21/2000
DOB: 3/10/1977
5 feet 8 inches tall
136 pounds
Brown hair
Hazel eyes
Tiger tattoo on his back
Chain tattoo one of his ankles
Arrilla Naomi Webb-Vaul
Status: Active
Missing since 3/17/1979
DOB: 9/27/1955
5 feet 1 inch tall
100 pounds
Blonde hair
Blue-Grey eyes
Small mole on right side of nose
Arrilla dropped her husband off at Eastgate Shopping Center in Shreveport the day of her disappearance. Her tire had been slashed, but not completely flat. She drove home. Soon later, her car was found unoccupied on the side of the road just after crossing the bridge into Bossier.