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August 31, 2023 by David Miller

Bossier Sheriff and Bossier Clerk of Court Recommend Safeguarding Against Home Title Theft
Sheriff Julian Whittington and Bossier Clerk of Court Jill Sessions strongly advise homeowners to take
precautions to protect themselves from title theft, also known as deed fraud or property title fraud.
Scammers illegally transfer property ownership from legitimate homeowners to themselves. To combat
this threat, Clerk of Court Jill Sessions’ office is offering a fraud alert program at no cost to property
owners providing an effective means of safeguarding assets.
“With the rapid advancement of technology, criminals are becoming increasingly creative, and white-collar crime is on the rise,” said Sheriff Whittington. Clerk of Court Sessions added, “Through our
innovative property fraud alert program, citizens can sign up to receive notifications regarding any
documents recorded under their name or business. This proactive approach gives them a significant
advantage in detecting and preventing property fraud. Since the launch of this service on our website, we
have received an overwhelmingly positive response from citizens, realtors, and title offices. Unlike other
companies that charge for similar services, we are proud to offer this protection free of charge!”
As of September 2021, accurately determining the prevalence of home title theft is challenging due to
underreporting and a lack of comprehensive data. However, it is widely acknowledged that this type of
fraud has been on the rise in recent years, primarily due to the digitization of property records and the
increasing sophistication of scammers.
While some property owners are unaware of this type of crime, the consequences of home title theft can
be devastating for victims, resulting in financial loss, emotional distress, and protracted legal battles.
Unauthorized property ownership transfers can lead to the loss of homes, equity, and creditworthiness.
Resolving such situations can be time-consuming, expensive, and arduous.
While Bossier Parish may not currently face significant home title theft concerns, it is crucial for
homeowners to remain vigilant. Other parts of the country continue to grapple with this issue, posing
financial and emotional risks. Homeowners should remain informed and take proactive steps to
safeguard their property rights.
“Protecting yourself against this kind of fraud is the best thing a property owner can do to save
themselves a lot of heartache”, said Sheriff Whittington. “I am proud to partner with Clerk of Court Jill
Sessions to make citizens aware of this crime and her office’s program that helps protect against it”.
“I’m signing up myself so I will have peace of mind knowing that my property is protected by this
program and you should too,” added Sheriff Whittington.