Preventing Disaster: A Burning Issue

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August 23, 2023 by David Miller

Preventing Disaster: A Burning Issue
In light of the recent scorching heat and dry conditions, local and state authorities have deemed it
necessary to impose a burn ban in Bossier Parish. This ban unequivocally prohibits the outdoor burning
of leaves, trash, limbs, or any other flammable materials during this period of heightened wildfire risk.
While it may seem harmless and tempting to disregard these restrictions, it is absolutely crucial for all of
us to comprehend the potential consequences and assume responsibility for our actions.
Sheriff Whittington has emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, “Even seemingly insignificant
fires can rapidly escalate and pose a significant threat to our residents and their properties. The lack of
rainfall and extreme heat have created an alarming risk for the people of Bossier Parish.” The State
Agriculture and Forestry Commission has reported a staggering 135 wildfires across Louisiana this week
alone, with Sabine Parish losing over 1,000 acres to wildfire. Since June 1st, the Bossier Sheriff’s Office
has received calls concerning 133 various types of fires in the parish. Fortunately, we have not yet
experienced any devastating wildfires.
Sheriff Whittington has assured the public that deputies are working closely with District Fire Chiefs to
monitor any violations of the burn ban. He earnestly implores citizens, “Please do not jeopardize the lives
of our courageous firefighters, dedicated deputies, your neighbors, or your own family by engaging in
any outdoor burning.” It is crucial to note that anyone found violating the burn ban can face
misdemeanor charges, including a $500 fine and 30 days in jail.
In conclusion, Sheriff Whittington urges, “Let’s all work together to keep Bossier Parish safe.” Let us not
underestimate the severity of this situation and the potential devastation that can arise from our actions.
It is our collective responsibility to adhere to the burn ban and prioritize the safety of our community.