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June 28, 2022 by Bossier Sheriff

Deputies with the Bossier Sheriff’s Office held the first-ever Correctional Division Appreciation Day at the Sheriff’s Training Academy in Plain Dealing.
“This is actually the second day for us to prepare lunch for the staff working in our jails,” said Asst. Chief Kesha Evans. “We had to make this a two-day event because of how our shifts change every week. This is how we make sure everyone knows they are appreciated.”
The hamburger and hotdog free lunch was provided by Sheriff Whittington in appreciation for the job the correctional staff does day and night. “Our correctional staff doesn’t get the credit that others get because they are in the background, seldom seen,” said Sheriff Whittington. “They are just as important working in here as our patrol deputies are working on the streets. And it takes both to keep the citizens of Bossier Parish safe, and I personally want to thank them for the job they do.”
Captain Brad Anderson and Sgt. Bradley Vassar manned were the cooks for the event, while Asst. Chief Harris and Dep. Winona Burton prepared the plate lunches for all the Correctional staff, DOC Counselors, BPSTA Training staff and academy recruits, and the Shooting Sports Summer Camp participants. The plates were delivered by Lt. Larry Mason to each of the facilities.
All in all, the crew said they prepared nearly 400 plate lunches between the two weeks, providing lunch for both day and night shifts.