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Government Leaders Join in the Fight Against Opioids

Posted: Nov 2, 2021 5:53 PM

Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington and other government officials attended a press conference announcing an effort to decrease opioid addiction in the state.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Laundry announced the distribution of the drug deactivation packs at a press conference at the Bossier Council on Aging.

The new packs will be distributed via Meals on Wheels through the Bossier Council on Aging in an effort to combat the opioid epidemic. “These pouches are easy. You open it up, you pour the medication in, and you pour some water in it, and it immediately disposes of it. It renders those opioids useless. Then you can throw it in the trash,” said Landry.

“These packs are going out to over 300 seniors today. If they need to know how to get more, we have extras on hand. We want to take this fight on opioid abuse seriously. Because we don’t want the crime and things that follow that in our parish or community,” said Tamara Crane, executive director at the Bossier Council on Aging.

“Fighting something as devastating and deadly as opioid abuse takes a multi-dimensional approach. And I am grateful to have public and private partners working with me to safely remove and dispose of drugs in our communities.,” Landry said.

In 2020, overdose deaths surpassed 93,000 throughout the country, compared to 72,000 deaths the previous year. Of those deaths in 2019, 70.6% of them involved opioids.

sources: KSLA & BPT
Photo by Maj. Donnie Keith, BSO