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BPSTA Digital Training

Posted: Oct 8, 2019 4:02 PM

For decades recruits going through the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office Training Academy did all of their lessons and studying by hand — but not anymore.

The academy recently purchased 30 new Chromebooks for recruits to use during their four-month training period.

“They use laptops for everything so why would we not teach off a laptop,” said instructor Lt. Sarah Rhodes." We got to try and make this stuff match up so there’s a good collaboration and there’s good understanding once they leave here that it’s applicable."

Rhodes says the academy would easily spend around $2,000 on just ink and paper alone. She says with that same amount of money they are able to purchase around 10 Chromebooks.

“Instead of giving them a whole bunch of materials now we just hand them a laptop that they have checked out through us through the duration of the academy,” she said.

Recruits are able to access their lesson plans, power points, and study materials that they can use in class and at home to study.

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