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Bossier Sheriffs Office Releases Crime Statistics for 2021; Driving Down Crimes of Opportunity in the Parish

Posted: Jan 26, 2022 5:40 PM
Updated: Jan 26, 2022 5:42 PM

Sheriff Whittington would like to express his gratitude to the citizens of Bossier Parish for helping us to continue to decrease crime in Bossier Parish.

Since the tragic incident involving the theft of a firearm from a vehicle, that led to the death of the homeowner in 2018, the Bossier Sheriff’s Office has made the prevention of this type of crime a priority. Immediately after this event, Sheriff Whittington created a Joint Criminal Apprehension Team (JCAT) with all the other local law enforcement agencies, to address vehicle break-ins. The Sheriff’s Office also launched a community-based campaign called L.O.C., (Lock your doors; Observe your surroundings, and Call about anything suspicious) that was rolled out to all the organized neighborhood groups within the parish. The aim of L.O.C. is to encourage residents about the simple task of always locking their vehicles to help protect their own property.

“Through the combined efforts of our JCAT team and the L.O.C. campaign, we were able to reduce thefts from an auto by 18.5% in 2021”, said Sheriff Whittington. Last year we had a total of 75 vehicle break-ins, down from 92 in 2020. And of those 75 break-ins, 70 of the vehicles were unlocked, with 27 guns were reported stolen out of those vehicles. “That’s the reason why it’s crucial for everyone to remember to lock their car doors at night, to prevent this type of crime from occurring,” said Sheriff Whittington.

Last year, vehicle thefts were on the rise in the parish. The theft of autos and other vehicles increased by 45% in 2021. Of the 35 vehicles stolen last year, 20 of them were left unlocked with the keys inside. The remaining 15 were motorcycles, ATVs, or stolen by fraudulent means. Sheriff Whittington wants to reiterate that one surefire way to curtail the number of thefts, whatever the vehicle, is for residents to be sure to take the keys with them and never leave their vehicles unsecured.

Sheriff Whittington would also like to report the significant decrease of burglaries by 16% in the parish, despite the fact that Bossier is the fastest-growing parish in north Louisiana. According to the latest census, Bossier Parish has grown by more than 10% and continues to grow as new developments are being built throughout the parish.

Homicides remained static with one reported in 2021, while robberies decreased by 50% from 6 in 2020 to 3 in 2021.

“The increase in the number of reported sexual assaults in 2021 is alarming and very disturbing to us,” said Sheriff Whittington. “However, we want to reassure the residents of Bossier Parish that this is not the case of a suspect randomly preying on strangers.” The vast majority of the 40 reported sexual assaults in the parish were crimes against children by either a family member or family acquaintance. For that reason, the Bossier Sheriff’s Office has invested heavily in the latest technology and works with the Attorney General’s Office to aggressively pursue those who would prey on our children.

“Keeping Bossier Parish safe relies heavily on a continued strong partnership between the community and the men and women of the Bossier Sheriff’s Office,” said Sheriff Whittington. “The continued influx of people into our parish reflects the success of our combined efforts to keep Bossier Parish a great place to live and work.”