Bossier Parish Violent Crime Rate Remains Stable for 2023

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February 28, 2024 by Ryan Hadden

Sheriff Julian Whittington announces that the overall violent crime remained stable in Bossier Parish throughout 2023. Instances of rape decreased by 30.2%, robbery by 66.7%, and intimidation by 73.4%. Additionally, an aggravated burglary has not been reported in the past three years. The decline in violent crime is attributed to proactive patrols conducted by the Joint Criminal Apprehension Team (JCAT) and patrol deputies focusing on areas prone to such offenses.
Overall crime rates in Bossier Parish experienced a slight 1.2% increase in 2023, with the total number of criminal cases rising by 12. Sheriff Whittington reassures citizens that there is no cause for alarm, despite minor spikes observed in specific categories. Incidents like shoplifting, which saw a rise from 5 cases in 2022 to 11 in 2023, unauthorized use which increased from 11 to 19 cases may seem notable in percentage terms but are reflective of low absolute numbers in the parish. More significant crimes, such as homicide, experienced an increase from 0 to 2 cases in 2023. In both homicide cases, the victim and suspect(s) were known to each other and not considered random acts of violence. Sheriff Whittington attributes the relatively low crime rates to the collaboration and support of residents, as well as the diligent efforts of deputies.
Property crimes experienced a modest increase of 2.7% in 2023. Significant percentage increases were observed in shoplifting, unauthorized use, and theft from auto cases. Burglary cases increased by 7.7%, rising from 65 to 70 incidents. Sheriff Whittington urges citizens to remain vigilant and promptly report any suspicious activities to patrol deputies, emphasizing the “Lock, Observe, and Call” approach to mitigate vehicle burglaries in the parish.
Despite ongoing growth, Bossier Parish remains committed to reducing overall crime in 2024. Sheriff Whittington and the Bossier Sheriff’s Office reaffirm their dedication to this goal, emphasizing the importance of community partnership in achieving a safer environment for all residents.