Online Civil Process/Foreclosure System

Welcome to the Online Civil Process/Foreclosure System provided by the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office.
This system allows access to case information 24 hours a day.

If you know the case number you can begin your inquiry immediately by selecting the parish in which the case originated and entering the case number and pressing "Go".

If you do not know the case number you can search the Bossier Parish Sheriff Civil database by pressing the "Case Search" button.

Select Parish and Enter a Case Number  
The Online Civil Process/Foreclosure system provides three basic inquiries, please select the option that best describes your inquiry.
General Inquiry Choose General Inquiry to check service or view detailed information on a charge or paper.
Real Estate Inquiry Choose Real Estate Inquiry to check detailed foreclosure information including auction and appraisal on an immovable for a specific case.
Movable Inquiry Choose Movable Inquiry to check detailed seizure information including auction on a specific case.