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Civil Bureau

"The sheriff is the executive officer of the district court. He shall serve citations, summons, subpoenas, notices, and other process, and shall execute writs, mandates, orders, and judgments directed to him by the district courts, the courts of appeal, and the Supreme Court".

C.C.P. Art 321

While the civil duties of the sheriff are only a minute portion of his duties, it is an essential part of the judicial system. During 2007, the sheriff has mailed approximately 7,000 jury summons.

In addition to jury summons, the sheriff also serves citations, summons, subpoenas and notices, not only from the 26th Judicial District but from across the United States. During an average year, the sheriff executes service on an average of over 17,000 papers.

Upon the execution of a writ of attachment, sequestration, fieri facias or seizure and sale under executory process, the sheriff is directed by the court to seize the subject property. And, in some cases, these seizures may lead to the public auction of the seized property.

Sheriff's sales are held each Wednesday at 10:00 am at the principal front door of the courthouse.