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Work Release

The Bossier Parish Work Release program was started in the late summer of 2006.

The work release program regulated by the state Department of Corrections and administered by the Bossier Sheriff's Office. The program provides work opportunities for inmates that are being released back in to society after serving time for a non-violent felony offense. The program allows the inmate to work during the last three years of his Department of Corrections sentence.

There are several advantages in the program that have been very successful in our parish. Participating employers receive dependable, hard-working employees that are so desperately needed in today's work force. The work release employee is delivered to the job site and returned via Bossier Sheriff vehicles.

Inmates in the program have a unique opportunity to begin the process of re-establishing themselves as contributing members of society. By being employed, they are able to support themselves and pay taxes on what they earn. They pay for their room, board and transportation to and from work, just as they will in our society once they are released from incarceration. Once the inmate is released, he will have saved enough money that he will not be a burden upon his return to society.

Each inmate is required to participate in random drug and alcohol screening as a condition for entering the program.

Currently there are more than thirty business owners participating in the program, with an assortment of job opportunities ranging from general labor to more skilled construction and production jobs.

The work release facility is a 14,300 square foot building that houses 120 inmates. The facility is equipped with a full kitchen, laundry and a medical office. The facility has been inspected by the state Department of Corrections and meets all of the requirements as a confinement facility for the state of Louisiana. It also meets the requirements of the State Fire Marshal and Health Department.

Employers seeking more information about the program should call 318-965-3531 to talk to a representative.

Bossier Sheriff Work Release Facility
181 McCauley Rd
Plain Dealing, LA 71064