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S.T.O.P Team

The Sheriff’s Tactical Operations Patrol, or S.T.O.P., is a four-man anti-crime unit. Rather than confining themselves to certain areas, these units cover the entire parish.

The three main goals of S.T.O.P. are prevention, reduction and apprehension. The targets are armed robberies, burglaries, drugs, DWIs, thefts and traffic violations.

Some of the types of crime that the S.T.O.P. team reduces are:

  • Armed robberies – In an effort to prevent armed robbery attempts, S.T.O.P. officers patrol businesses in Bossier Parish. The officers are armed and may or may not be uniformed. The officers could be out of the sight of customers and employees.
  • Burglaries –S.T.O.P. officers patrol every Bossier Parish neighborhood, watching for suspicious activity. The officers use marked and unmarked vehicles.
  • Drugs – In addition to the narcotics agents, the S.T.O.P. officers are on the lookout for drugs throughout Bossier Parish.
  • DWI – The S.T.O.P. team works hard to get serious offenders off the streets and into jail.
  • Thefts – Sheriff Whittington wants every citizen to believe that his personal belongings are safe in Bossier Parish. The team will remain alert and watching for suspicious activity in neighborhoods and parking lots.
  • Traffic violations – Irresponsible driving leads to serious accidents. The S.T.O.P. team issues citations to those who choose not to drive safely.