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BSO Launches L.O.C. Campaign

Posted: Oct 26, 2018 2:59 PM
Updated: Oct 30, 2018 9:45 AM

Bossier Sheriff’s Office Launches the L.O.C. Campaign

Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington wants residents to help in the fight against crime by reminding them of the importance of "Locking your vehicles, observing your surroundings and calling for help."

Sheriff Whittington said, “In light of recent vehicle burglaries that continue to be a problem for our neighborhoods, we have instituted a Joint Criminal Apprehension Team (J-CAT).” “Law Enforcement is doing all that we can, but we need your help.” said Sheriff Whittington. Along with J-CAT and the L.O.C. campaign we hope to put a stop to vehicle burglaries in Bossier Parish.

Support for the new initiative came from all the law enforcement agencies in the parish to include the city and state. Crime Stoppers of Bossier City gave their support and their money as well by donating $2,500 to purchase yard signs for residents reminding them of that "You Hold the Key to Prevent Car Burglaries."

"Vehicle Burglary is Most Often a Crime of Opportunity"

Carelessness is often a cause of vehicle break-ins. However, you can minimize your chance of being a victim by making it harder for thieves by securing your vehicle. Starting this week, the Bossier Sheriff’s Office is taking the lead in implementing a new campaign to help reduce the impact this crime is having in our parish.

Remember...You Hold the Key!
You can help eliminate crime by remembering these important safety tips:

- Always lock your car!
- Close all windows.
- Remove visible items from your vehicle.
- Lock items in the trunk.
- Park in well-lit areas.

- Leave items in plain view.
- Leave your remote garage door opener in the vehicle.
- Leave the engine running when you are away from the vehicle.
- Keep original ownership papers in your vehicle.

Remember, an unlocked car is an open invitation to a car thief.