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Bossier Sheriff/Police Team to Form Joint Narcotics Task Force

Posted: Oct 1, 2012 8:20 AM
Updated: Oct 1, 2012 8:24 AM

The Bossier Sheriff's Office and Bossier City Police Department are joining efforts Oct. 1 by forming the Bossier Combined Narcotics Task Force to combat illegal drug activity throughout the parish.
This cooperative endeavor agreement between the Bossier Sheriff's Office and the City of Bossier City will combine the narcotics task force enforcement efforts of the two agencies into one organization to better serve all the residents of Bossier Parish. Criminals don't follow jurisdictional boundaries when they commit drug crimes, and now with the joint task force, neither will the different agencies.
"With this agreement, we are sending a clear message to those who wish to engage in the possession, manufacture, distribution or smuggling of illegal drugs anywhere in the parish," said Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington. "You will get caught, and you will go to jail. Chief McWilliams and I are committed to that end, and this partnership will only strengthen that resolve."
"Combining the resources of our agencies will be a benefit to the citizens of Bossier," said Bossier City Chief of Police Shane McWilliams. "I share Sheriff Whittington's commitment to this enforcement approach and know that similar partnerships have been very successful in targeting illegal narcotics activity in other jurisdictions across the nation. We expect to see those same results."
Prior to the merger, narcotics teams would work their cases - police within the city and deputies outside of the city - but narcotics agents would often see the investigations overlap. With the task force, deputies and police officers will combine resources to more efficiently investigate narcotics cases throughout the city and parish by sharing information and intelligence. They'll be able to manage the time and investigative efforts to better serve the citizens and make more efficient use of the tax dollars of the citizens of Bossier Parish and the City of Bossier City.
Persons who wish to report narcotics activity or any other criminal activity can contact the Bossier Sheriff's Office at 318-965-2203 or make a tip at the Crime Tip Hotline at www.BossierSheriff.com. You can also contact the Bossier City Police Department at 741-8611. Callers can remain anonymous.